The “School of Acts” subtitled “The Gifts and Operations of God” is a wonderfully written book/study guide on the entire book of Acts authored by Eric Casto. Eric is a Missionary/Teacher and Author who has carried the gospel to countries throughout the world. Nowhere on earth frightens him as he clearly understands and follows the leading of the Holy Spirit of God wherever he goes!

The School of Acts is written in very clear and detailed fashion so that anyone can follow the scripture references and explanations with ease. Eric’s experience as a missionary to the world has offered him the opportunity to see God’s hand move in the supernatural many times and these experiences allow Eric to write with authority.

The School of Acts details and breaks down the book of Acts so that it can be taught or studied in part or in its entirety over many weeks or as conference. Each book contains the complete book of Acts in addition to the Bible Study materials by Brother Eric.

Eric’s breakdown of Acts is unique and complete with many facts such as the 138 manifestations of the Holy Spirit identified in Acts and these are broken down into three groups, gifts that see, do and speak.

Eric explains everything by a scripture reference breakdown from prayer to resurrection, from discerning of spirits to speaking in tongues and so much more.

He is totally inclusive covering every subject. You will be especially interested in his Revelation Gifts section which includes: Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge and Discerning of Spirits. 

As a minister of the gospel I am always trying to learn more and be open to the Spirit of God to reveal things that I may need more clarity on or a complete change of understanding.

School of Acts is a great read and study and you will certainly find it a wise investment. 

If you want to learn more and see some of where Eric has taken the cross of Jesus, go to

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