The Resource Tool Kit is what every Pastor needs. What you will find here will make your life and ministry much easier and also flourish like never before! This “Tool Kit” provides you information about People and Ministries that have excelled with great success across the country. The links and videos below provide resources and training that will increase church attendance, bring in more tithes and offerings, strengthen and refresh marriages, teach tactical leadership skills, provide free legal counsel, cutting edge sermon material, complimentary pastor vacations and much more. Click on the names and videos below to learn more.

Scroll down to watch a short introductory video from each.  is the premier tool for any pastor who wants to get his church praying. This powerful ministry tool is unlike any other. Watch the video to see what thousands of pastors are doing to get many of their people working for the kingdom without ever leaving the house.

Saturate USA is providing FREE OF CHARGE any church in America the tools to EASILY get the gospel into every household in their city. This ministry is reaching every city with the gospel and inviting every church to get involved. Watch their video for detail.

National Center for Life and Liberty provides free legal counsel, legal documents, and educational seminars. Attorney David Gibbs, III represents the Christian community every day against the legal attacks in America, going all the way to the Supreme Court on several occasions.

Restoring Hope Global  Ever feel tired, exhausted with your job?  Where do you turn?  What do you do to refuel, to keep going in your mission?  Think about it pastor; where do you turn?  Where do you get to escape to?  The good news is there is “Restoration House”, a place for pastors and leaders to turn when work has exhausted you. Call today!

Mike Williams Ministry The 2017 Dove Award winner is known for his brilliance as a comedian and also as one of America’s leaders in bringing your congregation on board your ministry as an “All In” giver.  Mike’s new book “Reboot Church Giving” is a handbook for pastors.

Liberty Pastors/Reclaiming America for Christ is teaching the heritage of Pastors in America and how to get their church back to the evangelistic roots we were founded on. Learning the truth can sometimes be hard and it is these hard places that God opens our hearts and minds to change and grow. Pastor Paul Blair shares why we all need to look in the past to back on the straight road.

SkywatchTV is a new paradigm in Christian broadcasting, examining everything from ghosts, UFO’s, giants, demons, artificial intelligence, trans-humanism, the occult, evolution and many other subjects that are often uncomfortable to discuss in the average church environment. This is critical information when teaching discipleship and preparing yourself to face the enemy.  Warning: The video below is an example of what SkywatchTV investigates.

Florida, USA Medical Benefits

Absolute Wellness Centers Dr Kevan Kruse provides “FREE” chiropractic care for pastors and their spouse. We have visited him many times and highly recommend him. Read his story below and click on the link to learn more!

Brandon Medical Center Dr John Kilgore “FREE” Medical Care for Pastors/Spouse in Tampa Area/ Central Florida. Read his story below and how to get started.

Please take a moment now and watch the videos below to learn 

National Center for Life and Liberty

Restoring Hope Global This is an All Pro Pastors “Premier Partner” for APP Pastors who need a Free place to get away to be refreshed, relax and recharged. 


Mike Williams Ministry

Liberty Pastors/Reclaiming America for Christ




Absolute Wellness Centers

Dr Kevan Kruse When I was a senior at Plant City high school, I was parking cars at the Strawberry Festival when I was asked a question that completely caught me off guard. “To what do you owe your success?” The person asking was a former coach of mine and someone I looked up to, which only made me more puzzled as to what I might have done to warrant such a question. That I was fumbling over my answer was, I am sure, obvious to him. Twenty-five years later, I can’t remember anything I said. What I can tell you is how many times I have thought about what I should have said. Read More..

Brandon Medical Center 

Dr. Kilgore is a graduate of the University of South Florida where he majored in zoology and chemistry, and the University of Tennessee with honors in 1975.

His career in medicine has spanned clinical practice, treating patients, and medical research. After graduating from medical school, Dr. Kilgore did a family practice internship at Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg, Florida, and entered a private practice in Brandon, Florida. He was Chairman of the Department of Family Practice at Brandon Hospital, elected by the other doctors to this position. Dr. Kilgore opened the first walk-in clinic in the Tampa Bay area. Read More.