Frequently Asked Question About “All Pro Pastors International”:

When was All Pro Pastors International started? The vision to get started was in 2003, the first “Champions Table “ Started April of 2007, and the actual kick-off to reach out in Florida started in January 2009 in Tampa. 

Why was it started? Because there is a great sense of loneliness and isolation identified by 70% of Pastors, and God through the Holy Spirit laid on our heart to start it. Pastors live on an island and sometimes we shut everyone out including our wife and children. Only another Pastor can feel what this is like. (I know from personal experience.)

What about Pastor’s wives and Women in Ministry? All Pro Pastors International is directed at men who are Pastors, however many women pastors on a worldwide basis are involved. This is at the Holy Spirit’s instruction. Women R Champions is the name of our women’s ministry. Women Ministers may start “all women” Champions Tables. These are organized within our Pastors/Wives organization called “Women R Champions”. Women are vital in this ministry and we want to give you the much needed support too. Also, pastor wives are often the unsung heroes of the church and the most forgotten. It is our prayer that “Women R Champions” will meet your personal needs at any and every level.

How many members are in All Pro Pastors International? We now have well over 50,000 pastors registered worldwide. We have Chapters that are led by Directors. Chapters are made up of 2-20 “Champions Tables” who are facilitated by “Champion” pastors who agree to start the “Table”. We stay connected through our website, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

What are some of the countries outside the USA that APPI have members/chapters? India, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Liberia, Malawi, Kenya, Nigeria, West Africa, Pakistan, Germany, Cyprus, Nicaragua and Honduras, this is just a sampling.

What is a Champions Table? A group of (4) Pastors who are committed to meet each week for about 1-2 hours for personal encouragement, accountability, prayer and relationship building. We have started over 100 Champion Tables throughout Florida but we also have 100’s of Pastors connected with us throughout America and the world. In Africa alone based on verbal reports we estimate well over 1000 Champions Tables have started. As of March 2020  more than 50,000 pastors have connected with us in some way. Our website encourages Pastors to register on-line for Free.

What are the benefits for a Pastor to register? Anyone who registers will be given a secure portal in the website which gives immediate access to Free resources and updates/news and video messages.

What is the most common testimony of Pastors who are in Champions Tables? 1)I feel safe at my Table 2)Finally a place I can really talk 3)It has saved my marriage 4)It has saved my ministry 5) It is not a meeting, it is place of trust and rest each week 6)It is the only place my wife pushes me out the door to go to 7)A place I can go as a man with no holding back 8)Opened my eyes to new revelations of truth that I desperately needed.9)I now know what real trust is. 10)My Table has literally saved my life and become my prayer fortress!

Why does All Pro Pastors International have lunches/breakfasts and other special events? To introduce Pastors to All Pro Pastors and to give them relevant information they can use in their ministry and life. Also, to introduce them to fellow Pastors in their community.

What will take place at one of these events? Pastors are treated to a nice meal, they may see a 4 minute video about APP, a few Pastors will share how being a part of APP has impacted them and we usually try to give away some free gifts. Frequently we will have a guest join us by Skype and speak or pray for the Pastors and sometimes a guest speaker will deliver an impactful message.

How many Pastors usually attend? Usually between 10-1000. It depends on whether it is the first time in an area, whether it is an All Pro Pastor International Chapter Sponsoring it or a local ministers group, and if the host Pastor embraces the event and reaches out to area Pastors. (Also if advertising is used)

What do you offer Pastors? What we offer ANY Pastor is a way to connect and build lifelong trusted friends through “Champion Tables”. This is your opportunity as Pastors to not walk alone! There are many benefits and resources also.

What are the requirements to join? Our ministry is focused on men who are Pastors who profess Jesus as their Lord and Savior and recognize Him and Him alone as the way to eternal life. It is basically a Pastor to Pastor ministry. The purpose is to help these men develop trusted friendships through encouraging accountability and to become great husbands and dads, great roles models based on how they live not just what they preach, and to stay healthy in their ministry.