Click to Print:  How to Start a Champions Table

How to Start a Champions Table

  • Find 3 other Pastors (men with men) who you will agree to meet with every week. These may be Pastors who you are not acquainted with and need to seek out or they may be friends you already know? (If there is a church near your church consider going over to meet the other pastor if you have not. Take time to visit and get acquainted and then ask him to start or join you in your Champions Table. Repeat this until you have 4 in your Table. No more than 4)
  • 4 total is best, the “Jesus Model“, but you may have to start with less
  • Establish a place and time to meet (weekly) that works for all.
  • You should use first names and avoid titles. (i.e. Dr., Bishop, Pastor, etc.)

Get Acquainted, Listen and Talk

  • The first couple of weeks is a time of introduction.  Share about your family, What are things you enjoy doing with your wife/children, What are activities you enjoy, where have you lived, when and where did you commit your life to Jesus? (Tell your story), What makes you laugh, cry, angry, shout, sing? etc.   Just get acquainted with one another. Find something to laugh about! What is your biggest challenge? Share about YOU! Listen intently to each other!
  • Review the “Table Covenant“- Click on it to download.
  • Each Champions Table should have someone volunteer to be the Table Champion. This is a commitment to contact each Table member the day before your meeting as a reminder and to keep the Table focused

Awareness and Sensitivity

  • Each week ask, “Does anyone need Table Time?” This is current pressing issues of high importance/concern/ or frustration!
  • Do not talk so much that others do not have a chance.
  • Talking about “our church” will come naturally, but  do not allow your Table to get stuck on church related issues.

Discuss Table and Personal Objectives

  • Share with the Table any current goals that you feel comfortable sharing. (Marriage, Family, Church, Physical, Household, Personal Improvement, Spiritual Growth, Business, Financial, Health, Education, Ministry, etc.)
  • Share any Personal areas of Improvement that you want to be encouraged to achieve. (These are also Prayer Requests)
  • You may write these down and/or write the other Table Brothers goals down too.
  • Your Table is there to encourage you, cheer you on, pray for you, not judge or give unrequested advice.

Very Important: Do not seek out financial help from a Table Brother. They will know your needs and help you IF God directs them

   Suggested Discussion Points”

    • Have I spent enough time in personal prayer this week? (What would God say?)
    • Have I spent enough personal time in God’s word? (Not preparing for Sermons)
    • Did my faith waiver any this week and if so how did I struggle; fear, doubt, temptation, judgement, etc. ?
    • How did I handle flirtatious or lustful attitudes, tempting thoughts, wandering eyes or any explicit materials (TV, Internet, Mag. Etc) which would not glorify God?
    • Did anyone in/from my church tempt me (wandering eyes) or approach me in an inappropriate manner?  What did I do?
    • Have I been completely above reproach in my financial dealings? Have I been honest with my wife about my spending?
    • Have I treated my body as God’s Temple? In my(Eating, Morality, Exercise, Purity/Holiness)
    • Have I prayed with my wife every day?
    • Have I treated my wife as “Jesus loves the Church”? (How much time, listening, helping, appreciating and encouraging her?)
    • Have I been a Man of God in ALL my dealings this week? What would God say?
    • You may want to make your own discussion points too.

                            ( Have I lied in any of my answers?)

    What am I going to do about it this week?

 Finish Strong!

  • Each week set personal and specific time sensitive goals. You may have one or several goals. Write them down and share with your Table. This becomes your personal “TO DO LIST”. Each week give a progress report.
  • This is not a requirement for the Table only a proven way to help you reach goals while building trust and real friendships!
  • Close out with serious Prayer!
  • The Table is not a Bible study group nor a time to debate doctrine. It is a place to learn from one another and to be an encourager.  It will be a place for prayer but not a “Prayer Meeting”. It is much more than that! The reality is that you should be meeting with men that are different than you who have different life experiences to learn from. There are times that you may strongly disagree on a subject but do not allow these differences to cause debate. Look at it as learning where a brother is in his personal walk with the Lord.  The Champions Table is for Real Men getting serious about Real Men issues and this develops sincere trust over time.
  • The Table becomes your “prayer fortress”. The Table is a safe place to share your most inward struggles and spiritual battles. Your Table brothers become like Aaron and Hur holding your arms up while your Joshua does battle for you and sometimes you have to hold their arms up. Prayer is the foundation of a great Champions Table!

NOTE: Men only meet with Men!