Many Pastors today live very lonely lives. In many surveys asking pastors what is the toughest thing about being a pastor, the re-sounding number one answer was “not having a trusted loyal friend”. As Pastors, living in the proverbial fishbowl can become a heavy burden to carry. As a man we have the same issues and challenges in our flesh as all men do. Just as Jesus was tempted, we are too. There is a reason Jesus often walked away with Peter, James and John. It just might have been to develop a deeper trusted more personal relationship than with the other followers. We have discovered this model of separation makes the load much easier and lighter when we can share it with two or three brothers who truly identify with ME! We call it The Jesus Model.

IMG_3008.JPGAll-Pro Pastors is tackling the widespread epidemic of “Aloneness and Isolation” among Pastors with the love and determination that it requires. We recognize that for there to be a serious change in the World, Pastors are the key. People look to Pastors as the shining light of hope and salvation. In spite of the negative news that the media enjoys reporting and the statistics that point to the failures of many Pastors as husbands and fathers, All-Pro Pastors is committed to help strengthen, unite, rebuild and restore Pastors to being the Champion Role Models God has created us to be.

All Pro Pastors takes Biblical principles and follows a proven format that eliminates the “alone-ness” in each Pastor while helping to build strong trusting relationships. We have followed Jesus’ example and started what is called, the “Champions Table”. The “Champions Table” helps Pastors become authentic role models! As Pastors become living breathing Champion Role Models, men will follow our lead and families will be saved, divorce rates will drop and marriage will return to the holy union that God intends it to be.

All-Pro Pastors is a “Pastor-to-Pastor” ministry bringing Pastors together to encourage, challenge, and experience personal success as men. When we meet as Pastors, we talk as “men who happen to be Pastors” and we are very intentional in everything that we do. The Mission we have been assigned is to invite you to come together “As Men” in small groups of four each week for about 1-2 hours to talk, listen, encourage, challenge, laugh, cry and build strong trust with each other! These Champion’s Tables provide the accountability needed to help us as Pastors receive safe trusted encouragement from other Pastors who understand the challenges that only other Pastors can understand.93192262_643762.jpg

Three Vital Keys That Great Pastors Embrace

Each one of these are equally important and each comes with a cost:

  1. Being a Warrior, Husband and Father – The only way to demonstrate the love of God is through people. Our wife is first and primary followed by our children. Just as Jesus loves the church. Great pastors love their wife and spend quality time and personal prayer time alone with her. If neccessary he will fight for their time together ahead of all others. She comes above the church and is second only to God! Children and family follow behind and help us learn how the love of a father is unconditional. Great pastors know how critically important it is to get away for a few days with their wife on a consistent basis! (Without the kids)
  2. Personal and Consistent Encouragement and Accountability  – 70% of Pastors say that they do not have a close trusted friend. However, great Pastors have 2-3 trusted friends that stretch them and stand with them through any difficulty! These are dependable and trusted friends that are met with regularly and faithfully! This is a prayer fortress that can not be broken.
  3. Operating as a Kingdom Shepherd– Great Pastors are more driven to building the Kingdom of Heaven than building a Castle on earth. Seeing the lost saved is more important to them than increasing personal church membership. Great Pastors care about the Body as a whole, working together according to God’s word! They understand that building the Kingdom does build the Church.

What does it take to be a truly great Pastor? It takes a great “Man of God”! This is first and foremost. When we can walk in the annointing and holiness that God created us to be as his child, servant and leader, it becomes much easier to answer the call of a pastor and be great. It then becomes HIS GREATNESS being walked out through us.

By walking in this anointing we operate in complete authority as a “Son” and not as a hireling! (I pray that you know the difference) As pastors it is critical that we learn to walk as a “Man” first. This is and has been and always will be the greatest challenge for pastors. As men we often isolate ourselves, we trust our own abilities and we walk alone. What we must have to be great is “Iron Sharpening Iron”. This requires us to learn how and who to have genuine trust and accountability with. Which must be wrapped with challenge and encouragement!

Our prayer and goal is to help you establish a Champion’s Table so that you can enjoy the benefits that the Table brings. As Pastors we need to have a safe place of rest each week where we can completely unload and be refreshed. We don’t need or want another “meeting” and the Champions Table is NOT another meeting. You must experience it to believe it! There is also a suggested Champion’s Table Covenant that we believe in and agree to.

Pastor, we want you to know that we love you! We are praying for you! And that you are not standing alone!

Our mission statement: “The Mission of our ministry is to empower Pastors to become Champion Role Models for all people through personal encouragement, challenge, achievement, and accountability that by this our Lord Jesus may say “Well done my good and faithful servant!” and to see the “Body of Christ” joined together with one heart and mind in love for one another.”

Great Pastors are Great men of God first!

The Champion’s Table makes men great!