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Reaching the Lost with the Gospel

Jesus final command was “Go Ye” into all the world.  We have to be careful we don’t practice “Sit Ye”.  Jesus was pro-active when it came to the harvest.  He was forever empowering and sending.  “After these things the Lord appointed seventy others also, and sent them two by two before His face into every […]


Dr. Jerry Brandt is Founder & President of Kingdom Life University. The teachings of Dr. Brandt have been sent around the world to KLU National Directors in various nations, as KLU students are trained to evangelize and start remote village churches. Dr. Brandt is grateful to Joe and Carole Pigeon who have come beside him to make this dream a reality. President Brandt has over 50 years experience in teaching the word of God and kingdom principles. You can access some of Dr. Brandt’s videos on his Youtube channel (“jbrandt4him”) and his KINGDOM BLOG He will bring to your church or conference a fresh vision of how the gospel of the kingdom is affecting the harvest and a new anointing for evangelism and missions in your own city. Through his nightly television broadcast in Northern California, he mobilized many churches to the streets of San Francisco for outreaches called “San Francisco Invasions”. President Brandt values greatly each student and campus. His desire is to see every student reach their potential and discover their kingdom assignment and unique destiny.

Quote ~ “Jesus preached the kingdom, Paul preached the kingdom, Peter preached the kingdom. 153 times the kingdom of God is mentioned in the New testament yet it is often the forgotten message of the modern church. Kingdom Life University is helping revive and restore this message.” Dr. Jerry Brandt